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Are you looking for a Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Service Provider that offers Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Services? If so, then look no further!

We are offering our Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Services to all companies, business owners and professionals who wished to increase their income through the application of Whatsapp Bulk Marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing Services

If you own a business of whatever size or type,

you it’s safe to assume that you are constantly barraged with many issues and options on how you can market your product or service. As a business owner of professional, you know that you need the best marketing tool so you can effectively communicate with your prospect existing clients.

We are now in an era where there are many options that are readily available to make this happen. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is one of the many mobile options that are proven to be very effective. Through it, we now have a way to connect with our targeted audience as effectively as possible with minimum cost required.

Whatsapp: the best chat messaging tool

When compared to other chat messaging apps in existence, Whatsapp dominated with a total user base of 990 million as of January 2016. If you are a business owner or professional needing to have wider audience, you can get it through the Whatsapp community.

Connect with millions of users worldwide through Whatsapp and start promoting your products and services through the use of our Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Services!

Whatsapp VS SMS Messaging

Whatsapp isn’t considered the most popular messaging app in the world for nothing. This platform that is mostly preferred by people and now by marketers offer a lot of uses especially when compared to another mobile platform, SMS Messaging. We listed below the advantages of using Whatsapp versus SMS:

  1. Whatsapp does not limit messages to a character parameter of 160. You can send longer messages with no extra cost added or involved.
  2. You can practically reach anybody in the world with Whatsapp with almost no cost involved. All that is required is Internet connection and you can immediately connect with anybody, no matter where they are in the world.
  3. Whatsapp allow users to send not only text messages but also image, video, audio and even Vcard and GPS. You can also compose and send a message with a combination of the above-mentioned formats.
  4. WhatsApp is available on major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobiles and BlackBerry phones.

Whatsapp Marketing is a dynamic industry that promotes better communication between sellers and buyers. This platform paved way to the increase of profits and growth of businesses for many that is why it comes as no surprise why many companies switch from using other types of marketing strategies to Whatsapp Marketing.

The Practical Uses of Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Services:

We offer various WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Solutions & Services for people engaging in businesses such as banking, Insurance & Financial companies, Educational institutes, Health Care, Media & Entertainment companies, Travel & Logistic industry, Wholesale and Retail. We also extend our Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Service to professionals such as doctors, real estate professionals, lawyers/attorneys, and many others.

Listed below are some of the practical uses of Whatsapp Marketing in your business:

  1. Customer Service and communications:
    Whatsapp is an excellent option for your clients to express any of their queries or even concerns about your company products or services. Reply to them in real time and show how much you value them.
  2. Events and group promotions/ team communications:
    You can easily keep track of your company events and your employees through Whatsapp. Stay connected with your team; keep them informed about latest news and events about your company.
  3. Lead generation
    Whatsapp is a great way to get leads on prospects and easily convert them to become your active clients.
  4. Product feedbacks
    Collect feedback from your clients about your products and services. Know what needs to be improved and identify points of weakness in your business so you will know how to formulate solutions on them.
  5. Referrals
    Whatsapp is a good option to spread awareness of your company products and services. Tap on the oldest form of advertising “word of mouth” and witness how news about your product and services spread like wildfire.
  6. To report bugs and other issues
    This is in correlation with customer service and communications. Whatsapp is a great tool for your clients to reach out to your company for any concerns. In the same way, you could also use Whatsapp to inform your clients about these bugs and let them know that your company is currently working on fixing it.

Looking at the foregoing benefits, we can see the power of Whatsapp in your business. We also listed practical examples of instances that demonstrate the power of our WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Solutions & Services:

Retail store:

“Text (name of store) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp and get your free gift certificates worth $10.”

Professional services:

“Text (name of client/ divorce consultation) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp and get your free 10-minute private legal consultation.”

Book Author:

“Text BOOK SAMPLE to (your Whatsapp number) to receive excerpt from the latest book.”

Restaurant, Coffee shop, Bar, Hotel, etc.

“Text FREE FOOD to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to claim free food.”

Real Estate:

“Text (HOUSE) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get latest quotations of upstate real estate properties located in your area.”

Fast food restaurants

“Text (MENU) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get menu of the day.”

SPA, massage parlors, etc.

“Text (DISCOUNT) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get discounts and other perks.”

There are many other practical examples that you can associate Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Services in your brand or business. If you’re looking for the right Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Service Provider for all your Whatsapp Marketing requirements, contact us and we’ll be happy to serve you.

Reasons why you must choose us as your Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider over Whatsapp Marketing Vendors:

We are committed to giving you just the best WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Solutions & Services for your business. As you Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Service Provider, you are assured that all your requirements will be met. Listed below are the reasons why we are one of the top Whatsapp Marketing Companies in the industry:

  1. Offer a range of customized WhatsApp Marketing Plans and other Whatsapp Marketing Services designed to be specific to your business needs & requirements. We have several options of package available that you can select from based on your chosen delivery time and cost per messages.
  2. As part of our Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Service, we also provide WhatsApp marketing database based on your specific needs in consideration of geography and industry. This is the list of people which can be your perfect potential buyers or people you have always been looking forward to do business with.
  3. Using our WhatsApp Marketing Solutions and other WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Solutions & Services, you can also send messages to DND registered potential buyers.

We offer our different Whatsapp Marketing Products and Services such as Whatsapp Bulk Marketing to the following countries:

Australia Austria Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Brazil

Cambodia Canada China Colombia Cuba Cyprus

Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Egypt Ethiopia Fiji

Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Grenada

Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq

Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan

Kenya Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Liberia Libya

Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Myanmar Netherlands

New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau

Panama Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania

Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland

Syria Taiwan Thailand Turkey Uganda Ukraine

UAE UK Dubai United States USA Yemen


Aside from being able to provide various Whatsapp Marketing Services to a lot of countries, we are also the largest Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider in India. Among the areas in India we covered are:

Pune Mumbai Baroda Vadodara Delhi Indore

Jaipur Bhopal Lucknow Surat Bharuch Ahmedabad

Nasik Aurangabad Bengaluru Chennai Kolkata Hyderabad

Noida Kanpur Nagpur Ludhiana Patna Thana

Agra Varanasi Nashik Meerut Faridabad Allabhad

Amritsar Vishakhapatnam Ghaziabad Rajkot Jabalpur Coimbatore Srinagar

Aurangabad Ranchi Jodhpur Gwalior Chandigarh Trivandrum

Mysore Navi Mumbai Jalandhar Bareilly Kota Bhubaneshwar

Gorakhpur Rajpur Kochi Cuttack Ajmer Kolhapur

Dehradun Jamnagar Udaipur Jhansi Jalgaon Anand

Thana Gurgaon Indore

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