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Are you looking to download Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop pc to increase your profits? If so then you’re on the right track!

We are launching Whatsapp Bulk Sender to help you in your marketing efforts for your business! This Bulk Whatsapp Sending Software will enable and guide you how to send mass Whatsapp marketing messages to your prospect and existing clients without any cost involved! Talk about marketing without a cost, right?

If you have a business of any size of form, our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software is perfect for you! This tool will expedite better connection with your audience and will help increase your business! If you’re looking to maximize your power to earn more money, switch to Whatsapp Marketing now!

Are you interested to know more about Whatsapp Marketing? First let us define the word.

Whatsapp Marketing

Dubbed as the latest trend of mobile marketing, Whatsapp Marketing provides customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods and services of a company. Another definition is: it is a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential clients or create loyalty program to existing ones.

To promote your business through Whatsapp Marketing, you need two Whatsapp Marketing Solutions: Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software and Bulk Whatsapp Channels. We define them as following:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Software
    This is a Whatsapp Bulk Marketing tool (eg.: Whatsapp Bulk Sender) that is used to send and receive new messages to a list of target market, identify contacts with Whatsapp and use them to run your campaigns. This software also allows you to edit your Whatsapp profile picture as well as Whatsapp status messages which were also referred to as Whatsapp channels.
  2. WhatsApp Channels
    These are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers used to send messages to other Whatsapp users. Whatsapp Channels, also known as Whatsapp senders also perform other WhatsApp automation activities from the first component (Whatsapp marketing software) such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others. These Whatsapp numbers are registered online through a Whatsapp registration tool that generates a combination of phone number; Whatsapp generated code and security code. offers high quality and reliable solutions that will enable you to apply Whatsapp Marketing in your business and help increase your profits or grow your business. Our Whatsapp Bulk Sender Softwares are chiefly developed to help you gain a better way to connect with your audience in the most cost efficient way.

Aside from offering you high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software and Bulk Whatsapp Channels, we also provide other materials such as webinars, tutorials and other tools that will equip you to become a ninja in Whatsapp Bulk Marketing.


Whatsapp is a chat messaging tool that was launched on 2009 by developers Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Why this chat messaging is popular is best manifested by its number of users. As of January 2016, Whatsapp has total active users of 990 million people. Regardless of the emergence of many chat messaging apps in the market such as Line, Viber, Wechat and many others, Whatsapp continue to dominate the industry of online communication.

Prior to Whatsapp, SMS Messaging was a more popular way of promoting products and services used by many marketers. Since Whatsapp, many people switched from SMS Marketing to Whatsapp Marketing. Now this begs the question: why is Whatsapp the more preferred way to market a commodity as compared to SMS Marketing? The following are the reasons:

  1. You can compose and send messages that are longer than 160 characters without added cost involved.
  2. You can compose and send messages with text, audio, video, image and even VCard.
  3. You can compose and send messages to other Whatsapp Users located at whatever part of the world without additional cost involved.

So based on the reasons given above, you can safely deduce that Whatsapp Marketing is indeed a better way to communicate when you want to promote your brand or business.

We at have dedicated our time and perspiration to the development of our products and services in our aim to help business owners and professionals attain success in Whatsapp Marketing. As marketers ourselves, we feel your frustration on how difficult it is to promote product or services.

We develop a passion in this field because we know the potential of Whatsapp Marketing in terms of increasing the profitability rate of a business. The good thing about Whatsapp Marketing is that you can apply this tool regardless of what product or business you’re in.

The industry of Whatsapp Marketing and Whatsapp Marketing Solution developers

The increase in the demand of various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions prompted the establishment of many Whatsapp Marketing Providers. This doesn’t come as a surprise because the potential of Whatsapp Marketing in increasing profits is insurmountable. You could literally earn unlimited amount of money if you learn how to leverage Whatsapp Marketing in your business.

Our company differs in most of Whatsapp Marketing Providers in existence because not only do we provide high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing such as different types of Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software, Whatsapp Channels and many others.

We aim to help as many business owners and professionals out there who wished to leverage Whatsapp Marketing in their business. We will also provide you additional materials that would help you become better marketers. comprised of Whatsapp Marketing experts that had already witnessed the incredible effects of applying Whatsapp Marketing in any type of business. As mentioned, not only do we offer you high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software, we can also serve as your mentors. Among other things we provide to our clients are:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices
    We would be providing you with tips and advices that would help you run a profitable Whatsapp Marketing campaign. We will also provide you specific instructions on how you can build and promote goodwill between you and your target market. We will guide you on how you can encourage your target market to respond to your Whatsapp bulk marketing messages or Whatsapp Marketing campaigns. We will help you ways on how you can promote offers and deals to generate hot leads and increase your income. Also in this section, we will guide you on the proper usage of Bulk Whatsapp marketing software on the manner that would give you the best of benefits.
  2. WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Comparison
    This part will showcase the different Whatsapp marketing software available on the market nowadays and their description. We will expose each of their characteristics as software: do they really work? Which is the best among them? What’s the difference between web-based software and desktop-based software?
  3. Other Tools & Resources
    On this section, we will give our company recommendations. We will reveal the different tools and resources such as Data Extraction Software, Google+ Local Extractor, and How-To Tutorials on how to use this Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Software software. These materials will provide you with a step by step procedure on how you could achieve maximum optimization of your software so you are much more effective and efficient in your business.
  4. Training & Working Guide
    We will provide you with various Whatsapp Marketing Books, E-books and Guides which will train you on how to become a better Whatsapp Marketer. These materials will also help you on how you could build a profitable campaign using Whatsapp Bulk Marketing.

Experience the wonderful effects of Whatsapp Marketing in your business! Download our Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software now and start promoting your products and services to your targeted audience.

Use this Whatsapp Bulk Sender and you will enjoy more features which will allow you greater control of your Whatsapp Marketing messages. Contact us now by filling up the form provided below and we will be happy to show you how our product works.

Additional bonus:

We aim to help you reach your potential in increasing profits and improve your business but also liberate you from the stress of dealing with other Whatsapp Marketing Providers that doesn’t only offer substandard Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but also doesn’t provide additional support.

When you purchase our Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software, we will also provide you instant database support.

Are you interested to know more?

We offer a wide variety of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as software, Channels, scripts and many such tools. If you want to know our list of products, kindly fill in the form provided below and click submit. If you have additional requirements, simply inform us and we will provide you options.

Are you ready to experience the power of Whatsapp Marketing? Download Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software now!

Witness the power of our Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software by downloading our Whatsapp Bulk Sender!

Follow the following guidelines on how to download our Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software.

To get your registration key, do these steps in order:

  1. Download our software from this site.
  2. Extract file using WinRAR extraction software
  3. Open WhatsAppBulkSender.exe
  4. Go to “Register” tab
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