Download WhatsApp Marketing Software for Desktop PC Windows

If you’re looking for a Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software that will enable you to Download WhatsApp Marketing Software for Desktop PC Windows, then this news is for you!

Introducing: WhatsApp Bulk Sender for Desktop PC!

This Whatsapp Marketing Software will allow you and show you how to send mass Whatsapp Marketing messages to unlimited Whatsapp numbers without paying any additional cost!

Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC was developed to help solve the problems of business owners and professionals in the promotion of their products and services through Whatsapp Bulk Messaging via desktop or laptop. This Whatsapp Marketing Software for Windows PC is our call for a more convenient way to manage marketing campaigns. Listed below are the features of this ultimate Whatsapp Marketing Software for PC:

  1. Numbers Registration & Management Option
    This is the section where you can register your Whatsapp channels, Import Whatsapp Bulk Channels, Export Whatsapp Bulk Channel and Check Whatsapp Numbers.
  2. WhatsApp Number Filtration Option
    In this section, you could load the CSV/ TXT files, generate number range and it also includes an export feature.
  3. Send Message Option
    Basically, this is the section where you could compose your message, shuffle messages and export list of your messages.
  4. WhatsApp History Option
    In this section, you will find delivery report and export messages.
  5. WhatsApp Chat View Option
    In this feature, you will find Chat View and list view.
  6. Main Options
    You can set your number of messages and program them in particular time of your choosing in this section. Also, this is where you can change the MAC addresses with each channel.
  7. Other features
    Our Whatsapp marketing software and tool for desktop have additional features that will be revealed, further explained and demonstrated once purchase was made.

What motivated us to develop this Solution?

Prior to the creation of this ultimate Whatsapp Marketing Software for desktop PC, we checked for other available software in the market just to determine whether this kind of product is already in existence. The closest solution that we have found is installing bluestacks and Whatsapp for desktop and running both of these applications from there.

One major problem that we encountered in this system is that you are only allowed to use one Whatsapp number to send bulk Whatsapp messages to other numbers. Apart from that, you need to choose one number from your database of prospects before you can actually send a message. Not to mention that if you also use this method, you have to consider limiting your messages to up to 300 per day only. Otherwise you run the risk of your Whatsapp account getting banned. So in essence not only is this system time consuming but also inconvenient.

With our ultimate Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software that allows Whatsapp for desktop PC, not only will you have the ability to send mass Whatsapp messages to your prospects but also have the ability to manage your Whatsapp Marketing Campaign more effectively.

Whatsapp Marketing in your business

It is our assumption that by this time you already know about Whatsapp Marketing and the kind of impact it could generate to your business.

When compared to other mobile marketing platforms, Whatsapp Marketing Platform had shown little signs of getting obsolete. Just looking at the user base will justify that. With 990 million users around the globe, Whatsapp is definitely one mobile app that is clearly dominating the world of communication. In fact, despite the existence of other messaging apps like Wechat, Line, Viber and many others Whatsapp is still hailed as the most popular chat messaging application in the world!

And regardless of what kind of business you’re in or what industry your business belonged to, you can apply Whatsapp Marketing and expect good results. If you’re aiming to improve how you conduct your marketing efforts, simply contact us and we’ll discuss how you can start generating more profit through Whatsapp Marketing Tool.

Whatsapp Marketing VS Email marketing and SMS marketing

Essentially, all types of marketing strategy are used by marketers like you to achieve the following purposes:

  • enhance relationship of business owners, marketers or professionals with their clients
  • encourage customer loyalty and “repeat business”
  • acquire new clients or convince current clients to purchase something immediately
  • other advertisements  

Email Marketing, in its broadest sense, make use of email messaging to promote a product or service of a company. Any email being sent to a current client or prospect client could be considered as email marketing.

Before Whatsapp Marketing, one of the widely used form of marketing a product or service is SMS Marketing. Essentially, marketers use SMS messaging to promote products and services. This type of marketing is more direct and personal as most people carry their phones every day. Historically, SMS Marketing was popularized in the early years of 2000.

Come the year 2014 when Whatsapp entered the scene of mobile messaging, SMS Marketing started to decline substantially. This comes as no surprise as many marketers saw the huge potential of earning more money using Whatsapp Marketing Tool as the main tool for communicating with other people. The most glaring appeal of Whatsapp is its ability to generate faster results with less cost involved.

Differences between SMS Messaging and Whatsapp Messaging:

Both SMS Marketing and Whatsapp Bulk Marketing are essentially the same in a sense that both types of marketing involve the use of mobile device. However, there are differences between the two. We listed the differences below:

  1. In Whatsapp, not only does the user get to send and receive hundreds and thousands of messages across all other Whatsapp users around the world but also the cost involve is lesser compared to that of SMS or text messaging.
  2. Whatsapp does not only support text based messaging platform but also image, video, audio, Vcard and even GPS.
  3. Unlike the character parameter limitation of 160 per message at SMS, Whatsapp allow users to send longer messages.
  4. You can send mass Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp user at any part of the world with no extra cost; unlike SMS where you have to pay additional fee for MMS.

It is our constant motivation to make things more convenient for everybody that’s why we developed our different Whatsapp Marketing Tools. As business owners ourselves who has extensive experience in using different marketing tools, we feel it is our obligation to provide you better options so that you can better connect with your prospect audience.

We have felt your pain on how difficult it is to communicate with prospect clients and convert sales. Through our ultimate desktop based Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software, you don’t only get to send mass Whatsapp messages for your promotions but also gain better control over all your marketing campaigns.

Stop fretting about how to provide solutions to your Whatsapp Marketing needs. Simply contact us and we’ll help you sort it out. We offer different kinds of Whatsapp Marketing Software and Tools and high quality Whatsapp Channels along with other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. Through our help, you are assured that all your Whatsapp Marketing problems will be addressed expertly.

Software Requirements

To fully optimize all the features included in this Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software that allows Whatsapp for Windows PC, you need to have .Net4 Framework installed on your desktop or laptop device.

.Net4 Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft and it primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. It includes large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and it provides language interoperability across several programming languages. This software framework is intended be used by most new applications that are created for the Windows platform. So if you intend to install new program or application in your desktop or laptop device, you need to have .Net4 Framework installed.

Dumbing it down, it simply means that you need to install .Net4 Framework before you could run a new application on your Windows computer. So before you could run whatsapp on desktop PC, .Net4 Framework must already be installed in your windows computer.

This software is free to download and install. So don’t worry about spending another dime to get it. In fact, you can download the free software here [insert link here].

Next step

Are you ready to transform your life? Contact us now and let’s talk about how to be successful in your business through Whatsapp Bulk Marketing. If you have already installed the required .Net4 Framework, you are set to go! Fill in the form provided below and click send. A friendly team member will get back to you with more details.

Witness the product at work

We are thrilled to be releasing this ultimate Whatsapp Bulk software for PC which we feel confident to be the perfect solution that will enable you to connect with your audience. Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC had undergone a series of extensive tests and had passed quality assurance with flying colors. Download Whatsapp for desktop PC and adopt this Whatsapp Marketing Software for your business now!

Witness the magic of our Whatsapp for Windows PC software and prepare to have your minds blown!

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