Bulk WhatsApp Message Sender Suite for Mass WhatsApp Marketing

If you haven’t found the suitable Whatsapp Marketing Solution for your business yet, consider downloading this Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite for desktop.

We introduce to you our most robust solution that would enable you to send mass Whatsapp Marketing messages from desktop pc to your prospect and existing clients. Promote your goods and services through this Whatsapp Bulk Sending Software and see if it matches your preference.

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Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is the most robust Whatsapp Marketing Solution we have developed so far. If you want to connect with a wider audience through Whatsapp Marketing, this Whatsapp Bulk Sending Software is a good option so that you could get started on sending your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your prospect and existing clients.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is a reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software that is a perfect complement for your high quality Whatsapp numbers.

Are you planning to launch a new product or business? Switch now to Whatsapp Marketing and opt to avail of this Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Suite and witness the difference it makes for your business!

Product Features:

  1. Access to All Whatsapp Numbers on a Global scale
    The reaching power of Whatsapp is global that is why it is such a powerful tool for any enterprising businessman who desire to connect with Whatsapp users at whatever part of the world.
  2. Ability to send videos, audio and images for Free
    Another powerful aspect of Whatsapp as a messaging tool is its ability to send messages of text, audio, video, image, GPS location/ contact-based files or a combination of these platforms to other whatsapp users. This Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp also allows for your creativity to flourish through your marketing campaigns. Do away with boring text messages in promoting your products and services. Complement your creative ideas with images, video and audio to your marketing campaign to better attract your clients and target market.
  3. Greater Mobility
    With this feature, you can do more of your time because you can now choose to execute your Marketing efforts at your most convenience. This Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Suite allows for greater mobility because all you need to do is to be connected to the Internet and you’ll be free to message anyone in the world without cost!
  4. Immediate Response Mechanism
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite has the ability to receive response from other Whatsapp users online; enabling you the opportunity to observe the effectiveness of your marketing campaign messages in real time.
  5. Worry-Free Marketing
    You can send as many marketing campaign messages as you want and you can better connect with your audience through the help of our robust Whatsapp marketing suite. You can be as creative as you can be with your broadcast messages by combining text, audio, video and other platforms. This Whatsapp Bulk Sending Software allows for a hassle free marketing because you are no longer restricted to type only 160 character parameters as compared to traditional text messaging. Our Bulk Messaging Suite for Whatsapp will give you a better control on how you communicate your marketing campaign because as whatsapp allows for longer messages, our software does the same thing.
  6. Economical (Time and Money)
    As Whatsapp enable its users to connect with others at whatever part of the world, this software will help you spread word about the products and services of your business at a lesser cost. Unlike SMS or MMS messaging, Whatsapp offers a much more economical way of marketing as the only requirement is Internet connection for both you and your audience. Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite maximizes the reaching power of Whatsapp as a messaging tool by basically bypassing the “no commercial use” clause imposed by Whatsapp.
  7. Marketing at a Global Scale but with Lesser Price
    With 900 million active users worldwide and not showing decline any time soon, the potential of tapping prospect clients among the massive audience found in Whatsapp is very real.

This new Bulk Whatsapp Sending Suite would address your Whatsapp Marketing need of a robust variety. We have developed this Whatsapp Marketing suite to enable you to send mass WhatsApp Messages with text, image, video, GPS Location & contact files based messages on WhatsApp to multitude of WhatsApp users located anywhere in the world. It also comes with other features that will help you make the most of your time.

As we have revealed, there are two essential components before you can run an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign. These are the following:

Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Requirements and definition

  1. Whatsapp Marketing software
    Whatsapp Marketing Software is a tool that will allow and guide you how to send bulk Whatsapp messages with text, audio, image, video, and many more to other Whatsapp users located anywhere in the world. Through this tool, you could also filter numbers, edit Whatsapp Channel profile, import Whatsapp numbers and many more.
    There are many available types of Whatsapp Marketing software available and each of them offers different features. Essentially however, all of them are designed to enable you to send massive amount of Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    Whatsapp Channels are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers that are used along with Whatsapp Marketing Software to be able to send messages to other Whatsapp users. This Whatsapp Marketing Solution also perform other WhatsApp automation activities such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others. Pre-registered online through a Whatsapp registration tool, Whatsapp Channels are generated to serve as the sender of your Whatsapp marketing messages.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is our company’s response to the growing need of business owners and professionals for a tool that will help them establish rapport with their prospect audience. This newest Bulk Sending Suite for Whatsapp is the most robust and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will help you increase profits on your business.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite

This is off topic but can I relate to you a story about “perfect timing”?

When I was a lot younger, I remember asking my father to bring me to the carnival because I want to ride the merry go round. I have always been a father’s favorite and I know that he will always give me what I want. So naturally, I expected him to tell me to change into my “presentable” attire so we could go to the mall right? The problem is, it was already 10 in the evening at that time! So he told me as gently as he could that we couldn’t go and that he’s sorry. Instead of understanding, I wailed and nagged at him until I fell asleep. The next day, we went to the mall and then I get to ride the merry go round.

The obvious take away of the story is that perfect timing is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. In matters of business, it is important that we keep ourselves abreast with the latest trend of marketing our goods and services because what marketing strategy that might have worked years ago might no longer work now.

On our time today, we are presented with huge opportunity to earn more money through Whatsapp Marketing. In fact, the opportunity is so great that it comes as no surprise that Whatsapp Marketing Providers are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere.

Our company aim to provide not because we simply want to sell our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions to everybody. We want to be best Whatsapp Marketing Provider so we took a lot of pains to improve all our products and services. Apart from that, we also set up a dynamic customer hotline where clients could communicate with us so that all their issues and concerns are resolved as timely and as efficiently as possible.

This Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp is perfect for any business who wished to utilize Whatsapp Marketing in their business.

If you’re planning to run a Whatsapp Marketing Campaign to promote your business, have a try on our Whatsapp Marketing Suite! Download Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite now!

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite Specifications

Our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Suite can be utilized by any business who wants to maximize their profits with the help of Whatsapp Marketing. If you need a Whatsapp Marketing Solution so that you can connect with your targeted audience, our Bulk Messaging Suite for Whatsapp is a perfect choice for you.

Regardless of the size and form of your business, you can take advantage of using our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite to connect with your audience! Do away with costly and time consuming traditional text messaging (SMS) marketing, switch now to the latest trend: Whatsapp Marketing!

Maximize the use of your time by delegating the promotional sending of Whatsapp messages to our Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp. You will see, our Whatsapp Marketing Software won’t be a disappointment!

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